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New Music by Spacejamz and GM Nanashi

'Feel The Sunshine' by BeatCurve

It's Feel The Sunshine season! BeatCurve is rolling out dope single after dope single for our upcoming summer lo-fi project.

"Endless Sunshine" by Spacejamz

Single #2 is the smooth "Endless Sunshine" by the talented Spacejamz. This track features several different instrument elements in a seamless blend. Lovely summer jazz vibes.

"Bluer Skies" by GM Nanashi

And single #3 brings the soulful jazz vibes of GM Nanashi with "Bluer Skies". Throw on this joint during a peaceful summer drive.

"Endless Sunshine" and "Bluer Skies" are two great follow ups to Even Kicks's "Turn It Up" that dropped at the end of June. Enjoy the jams!