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New music "For Stella" by CRFT and Musical Mindz

"For Stella" by CRFT and Musical Mindz

Today, we released a special track titled "For Stella" for a very special girl.

“For Stella” is a musical tribute to the brave and amazing Stella Baldwin, who is a seven year old currently battling leukemia.

CRFT composed an amazing sentimental tribute to Stella with her dad, Musical Mindz, providing the heartfelt guitar. The kind but haunting vocals provide a beautifully catchy melody, the snapping drums bring your head to a nod and the complimentary sax, guitar and keys hold down the counterpoint.

A significant portion of the proceeds of "For Stella" will be donated to the foundations that have assisted in Stella’s journey which include CURE Childhood Cancer and Bert’s Big Adventure.

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